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Braya love, care, and adapting terfaso who follow her are known to be very empathetic Braya believes everyone deserves love, although in writings of her she sees no fault in people not loving themselves, as “she has enough love for everyone” being rude, going out of your way to avoid love,and not caring for life around you (this includes plant life,sea life, etc. etc.) are all frowned upon
Darruem gifts, rebirth, and altering terfaso who follow them are known to be generous, and usually have a life changing event sometime while they’re alive.

Darruem is said to have an unknown number of children, but, you'll always know one of her children when you see them.

Darruem believes that you should help people, and that no possessions matter more than others’ lives
being greedy, not allowing yourself to grow as a person, and damaging someone else's growth as a person are all frowned upon
Ter Deatef Observation and knowing terfaso who follow them are very cautious and paranoid

Deatef doesn’t have key beliefs. they are a mystery and you are known as unlucky if you end up following them

Deatef is supposedly the creator of the other gods. making them out of pieces of herself
Nothing is frowned at, but so is everything, every step is a mistep along with a step on the right path. your fate is a twisting road and its up to your other god to guide you
Faeram beauty, luck, and energy Faeram has 1062 children, most of which are humanoid, she has so many children so they can aid her with the obvious. spread her name. a lot of Faerams knowledge comes from descendants of hers

despite Faeram being a goddess of beauty, boasting about your looks is supposedly frowned upon from her. “be proud of your beauty, as it is unique to you. don’t make others feel bad for not having your unique beauty”

Faeram is often linked to the sun on planets with her followers present, if there’s a sun, they believe its under her watch
being boastful, not putting energy to good use, and being ungreatful are frowned upon
Mar Order, and law terfaso who follow her are known to be quiet and strict

Mar is very vocal about obeying laws set. she believes protesting is a messy act, but if done properly it’s fine, and in many cases needed
breaking laws for the sake of breaking laws, harming others, and criticizing other gods and faiths are all frowned upon
Mora understanding, communication, and feeling terfaso who follow her are known to be very open with their feelings, sometimes more open than they should be

mora believes communication is key to just about everything and anything, and is heavily important to staying on the right paths
forcing your feelings on others, bottling up your feelings, and only caring for your own feelings are all frowned upon
Poira chaos, heartbreak, rebellion, and will terfaso who follow her are known to be hard to work with

poira believes you should question anything and everything. nothing truly has good intentions in her eyes

Murder and petty actions do not relate to chaos
are all frowned upon
Reathe Mystery,oddness,and fear terfaso who follow her are known to be more anxious.

reathe is said to enjoy darker colors and more concealing clothes, the more hidden the safer, followers of her usually have the same idea.

despite being more of an anxious goddess she takes pride in oddball traits, and is said to expect followers to do the same, even if in order to do so they have to do so in secret
upsetting others is frowned upon
Robran Strength, boldness, and charisma terfaso who follow her are known to be friendly but still stand behind their beliefs

robran believes its important to be strong emotionally, more so than physically
p lacing yourself on a pedestal is frowned upon
shor Nature, life, and emotion terfaso who follow her are known to be sensitive and caring

shor believes most things are right if you’re passionate about them
ending life, and making false life are both frowned upon
Srubran dreams, creativity, and stress terfaso who follow her are known to be very creative, and daydream often

srubran believes its important to allow yourself to have dreams, no matter how ‘unreachable’ she believes even posing a dream out of your reach will someday allow you to sit back and go ‘i got close enough, didnt i?’
making fun of other people’s dreams, and not allowing yourself an output for creativity are both frowned upon
Varrdth leadership, control, intelligence and change terfaso who follow her are known to be rebellious.

Varrdth is known to have many relations with humanoids, despite this, they don't have many descendants.
letting tyranny take place, and allowing yourself to be impulsive are both frowned upon
More to come.